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1See also subsection 1-7A-6I of this title providing city manager responsible for purchasing.

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A. No liability against the city may be created and no expenditure of public funds may be made which is not for a public purpose.

B. No contract may become valid or is binding against the city until:

1. The contract has been reduced to writing;

2. The city has received notice from its department of administrative services that funds are lawfully available within budgeted appropriations to fulfill the city’s financial obligations thereunder;

3. Where certifications of compliance with federal contract or grant assurances are required, the documents are approved as to form by the city attorney;

4. The contract has been administered by the purchasing manager and fully complies with the requirements of the city’s purchasing requirements;

5. The contract has been reviewed and approved as to form by the city attorney and executed by the mayor or, where authorized, by the city manager or a department head; and

6. The signature of the mayor has been attested by the city recorder or, if signed by the city manager or department head, the signature has been countersigned by the city recorder.

C. The authorization referenced in subsection B5 of this section shall be determined by the mayor in writing and shall be on file with the city recorder and the administrative services department. (Ord. 2018-04-004, 4-5-2018; amd. Ord. 2023-026, 10-19-2023)