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A. Purpose: The purpose of this section is to promote compliance with federal laws governing employment eligibility and verification of workers by entities that contract for the provision of services to the city during the performance of the contract.

B. Requests: In the procurement of goods and services for the city of St. George, the city will require that all requests for bids, requests for services, and contractual agreements for the provision of such services contain the following statement in a conspicuous place:

By submitting a proposal and/or by signing this contract, contractor certifies that it does not and will not during the performance of this contract knowingly employ, or subcontract with any entity which employs workers in violation of 8 USC § 1324a. Contractor agrees to produce, at the city’s request, such documents which are required to verify compliance with applicable State and Federal laws. If the contractor knowingly employs workers in violation of 8 USC § 1324a, such violation shall be cause for unilateral cancellation of the contract between contractor and the city. In the event this contract is terminated due to violation of 8 USC § 1324a by the contractor or by a subcontractor of the contractor, the contractor shall be liable for any and all costs associated with such termination including, but not limited to, any damages incurred by the city as well as attorney fees.

This statement shall also be accompanied by a signature line for the contractor to sign thereby acknowledging that the contractor has read, understands, and agrees to comply with the requirements of federal and state law regarding eligibility of workers.

C. Contracts: This section shall not apply to any contract which has been submitted for approval to an authorized representative of the city prior to the effective date hereof. (Ord. 2008-04-004, 4-17-2008)