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A. Definitions:

CHECK: A payment instrument on a depository institution including a check, draft, order, or other instrument.

ISSUER: A person who makes, draws, signs, or issues a check, whether as a corporate agent or otherwise.

B. Fee: The city may charge a fee against the issuer of a check in favor of the city, if the check is drawn on insufficient funds, a closed account, or is for any other reason returned by the issuer’s bank, pursuant to Utah Code Annotated section 7-15-1. Said fee recovered pursuant to Utah Code Annotated section 7-15-1, may be added to the amount owing to the city, as represented by the bad check, and the city may treat the bill or account sought to be paid by the bad check as unpaid until both the original billing and the bad check penalty amount have been received in cash or equivalent. (Ord. 2017-06-007, 6-1-2017)