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A. Sentencing In Accordance With Chapter:

1. A person adjudged guilty of an offense under this code or the ordinances of this city shall be sentenced in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

2. Ordinances enacted after the effective date of this code which involve an offense should be classified for sentencing purposes in accordance with this chapter, unless otherwise expressly provided.

B. Designation Of Offenses: Offenses are designated as misdemeanors or infractions.

C. Misdemeanors Classified1 :

1. Misdemeanors are classified into three (3) categories:

a. Class A misdemeanors;

b. Class B misdemeanors;

c. Class C misdemeanors.

2. An offense designated as a misdemeanor or any act prohibited or declared to be unlawful in this code or any ordinance of this city when no other specification as to punishment or category is made is a class B misdemeanor.

D. Infractions:

1. Infractions are not classified.

2. Any offense which is made an infraction in this code or other ordinances of this city, or which is expressly designated an infraction and any offense designated by this code or other ordinances of this city which is not designated as a misdemeanor and for which no penalty is specified is an infraction.

E. Continuing Violation: In all instances where the violation of this code or any ordinance hereinafter enacted is a continuing violation, a separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day during or on which the violation occurs or continues to occur. (2003 Code)

1UCA § 76-3-104.