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1See also section 1-7-4 of this chapter for appointment provisions.

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A. The city treasurer is custodian of all money, bonds or other securities of the city.

B. The city treasurer shall:

1. Determine the cash requirements of the city and provide for the investment of all monies by following the procedures and requirements of Utah Code Annotated title 51, chapter 7, Utah state money management act;

2. Receive all public funds and monies payable to the city, within three (3) business days after collection, including all taxes, licenses, fines and intergovernmental revenue;

3. Keep an accurate detailed account of all monies received under subsection B2 of this section in the manner provided by the governing body by ordinance or resolution; and

4. Collect all special taxes and assessments as provided by law and ordinance. (2003 Code)