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A. Front Setback along Streets: Along streets where the slope of the adjacent property to the street is over fifteen percent (15%), the minimum setback is twenty feet (20').

B. Setbacks: All setbacks shall conform to the underlying zone criteria except as provided herein. No structure or accessory structure shall be constructed within the setback area as defined below. However, a see-through wrought iron fence with at least fifty percent (50%) of the fence open, landscaping, and a nonvertical swimming pool are permitted in the setback area.

1. Ridgelines: All ridgelines as shown on the ridgeline map shall be subject to the setback provisions contained herein. Setbacks from ridgelines not identified on the ridgeline map shall be a minimum of thirty feet (30'), or greater if recommended in the geotechnical reports.

2. Plateaus: On plateaus, the setback from the ridgeline shall be a minimum of fifty feet (50') unless a greater setback is recommended in the geotechnical reports.

C. Cuesta: Where a ridgeline occurs on a cuesta, the minimum setback shall be one hundred feet (100') measured normal (perpendicular) to the closest point of the ridge, unless a greater setback is recommended in the geotechnical report.

D. Additional Design Standards:

1. Retaining walls shall be colored to blend into the surrounding natural geology.

2. Retaining wall height is limited to the heights set forth in chapter 18 of this title and the standards for rock wall construction.

3. Building exterior colors shall be earth tone and blend with the surrounding natural landscape.

4. In residential zones, “no disturbance” areas shall be held as the “common area” of a project. Common areas shall be owned and maintained by the homeowners’ association or may be deeded to the city when accepted by the city.

5. In nonresidential zones, any “no disturbance” area shall be identified on the final site plan or final plat.

6. Any required no disturbance area shall be identified on the ground with temporary fencing or other approved means to prevent accidental disturbance of the area during construction and such fencing shall be installed prior to issuance of a grading permit.

7. The building site shall be located on the flattest portion of the parcel.

8. No structure shall extend over any natural ridgeline. The structure shall be in contact with the ground at all edges. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019)