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For any development in the city in an overlay area with an adverse construction condition, applicant shall submit a site-specific report prepared by a qualified, licensed engineer trained and experienced in the practice of geotechnical engineering identifying all adverse construction conditions. The report shall recommend development-design mitigations to prevent damage due to the adverse construction conditions. The city shall review the applicant’s report. If the applicant’s report is deemed adequate by the city engineer or designee, development may proceed if the report recommendations are followed. If the report is deemed incomplete or inadequate by the city engineer or designee, the development application shall be denied. If denied, the applicant may request an independent review, and the city engineer or designee may order a review by independent, qualified professionals. The professionals selected by the city shall review and prepare written findings and comments on the applicant’s report. The cost of the independent, qualified professionals shall be paid to the city by applicant. Applicant may develop if the independent review and written findings and comments are implemented, in addition to any nonconflicting recommendations in the initial report of applicant. The city engineer or designee is the land use authority for the decision. The report shall be specifically identified on the plat and available to all owners and interested parties. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019)