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A. In addition to uses allowed in the underlying zone, within a resort overlay zone, overnight or short-term rental within a development that includes the following minimum criteria is an allowed use:

1. At least one hundred (100) dwelling units, or fifty (50) dwelling units for single-family developments with density under four (4) du/ac;

2. Written consent from one hundred percent (100%) of the property owners within the recorded plat;

3. All final plats and covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) which have been recorded shall include a note indicating that short-term residential rental properties are a permitted use; and

4. The owner or property manager of each short-term residential rental property shall obtain a short-term residential rental property business license as required in this code prior to commencing the use and shall maintain such license throughout the use.

B. At a minimum, all developments with five (5) or more units shall provide usable recreation or playground areas in a central location as follows:

1. One thousand (1,000) square feet for the first five (5) units;

2. An additional two hundred (200) square feet for each unit over five (5) units;

3. The average width and length of each usable recreation or playground area shall not be less than twenty feet (20'); and

4. All of the required area shall be usable common space accessible to the entire community;

5. The number of amenities required depends on the size of the development. All amenities shall be approved by the land use authority in accordance with the following:



0 – 4


5 – 50


51 – 100


101 – 200


201 – 300


For projects in excess of 300 units, add 1 amenity for each 100 additional units or fraction thereof.

6. The type of amenities required depends on the nature, size, and density of the development. If multiple amenities are required, the type shall vary. All amenities shall be approved by the land use authority in accordance with the following:

a. All required amenities shall be fully constructed prior to construction of fifty percent (50%) of the total project units, or in accordance with an executed development agreement with terms acceptable to the city;

b. In addition to amenities, a minimum of thirty percent (30%) of the lot area shall be maintained in landscaped area, and at least fifty percent (50%) of the front setback area shall be maintained as landscaped area;

c. Table of Amenities:

Recreation and Enrichment Amenities

Pool – At least 400 square feet

Internal health or fitness facilities

Secured, programmed, children’s play areas

In-ground hot tub

Community garden

Perimeter trail

Sport court

Indoor, keyed bicycle storage for units

Community library, office, or meeting facilities

Exterior social area – At least 400 square feet

(Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019)