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Each permitted with standards applicant shall submit a complete application upon forms provided by the city, which, at a minimum, shall include:

A. A description of the proposed use;

B. A site plan and supporting materials;

C. A design schematic;

D. The size and location of the site;

E. Traffic generation, timing and nature of traffic impacts and the existing condition and capacity of the streets in the area;

F. Utility demand and available capacity, including storm water retention;

G. Emergency vehicle access and anticipated average and peak day demand;

H. Location and amount of off-street parking;

I. Internal vehicular and pedestrian circulation system, including delivery vehicles, loading, and unloading;

J. Fencing, screening, and landscaping to separate the permitted with standards use from adjoining property and uses;

K. Generation and screening of trash, and automated garbage collection (dumpsters);

L. Hours of operation, delivery, and use; and

M. Odor and noise plan if applicable. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019; amd. Ord. 2022-12-004, 12-15-2022; Ord. 2023-039, 11-16-2023)