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A. Conditional Use Not Implemented: A conditional use permit expires if the permit has not been implemented within one (1) year from the date of approval. The permit is considered implemented if the holder of the permit engages in the activity permitted by the conditional use permit. One (1) extension for one (1) year may be granted if the land use authority finds that the use still complies with the review standards, the permit holder has commenced substantial construction on the site for which the permit was granted and additional time is reasonably necessary to complete construction. A request for an extension shall be filed not less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the expiration date. If the conditional use is for a bar establishment, the conditional use permit expires if the bar establishment does not obtain its alcohol licenses or is not operating as a bar establishment within six (6) months from the date of approval. No extension is allowed for the bar establishment. For purposes of this section, the land use authority is the city council.

B. Conditional Use Abandoned: If the approved use or activity ceases for any reason for a continuous period of six (6) consecutive months or more, the conditional use permit shall automatically terminate without further notice, as having been abandoned. A person may only reinstate the conditional use after a new conditional use permit is issued. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019; amd. Ord. 2021-02-001, 2-4-2021)