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A. The height of any single retaining wall shall not exceed eight feet (8') in all zones, except manufacturing. In the manufacturing zone, a retaining wall shall not exceed twelve feet (12') in height.

B. Terraced retaining walls shall be constructed out of one (1) type of material. For each additional terraced wall, each wall shall be constructed out of material that is similar in look, color, and texture. The landscape and drainage for rockery or retaining walls shall be maintained by the property owner.

C. Retaining walls shall be measured from the top of the exposed face to finished grade.

D. For interior, rear or side lot lines, where a solid fence is placed on top of a retaining wall or rockery wall, the combined exposed face shall not exceed thirteen feet (13') in height at any single point, measured from the finished grade of the adjacent retaining wall to the top of the solid fence. Retaining walls that exceed eight feet (8') shall be terraced in accordance to subsection G of this section.

E. Fences at least fifty percent (50%) open (up to fifty percent (50%) may be solid, or non-see-through) may be placed on top of a retaining wall with a combined maximum height of thirteen feet (13').

F. Where rockery or retaining walls were erected as part of a subdivision approval, the design and construction of any additional walls shall first be submitted for review and approval by the city, based on plans and specifications certified by a qualified structural engineer, and erected using the colors as were approved for the subdivision.

G. Retaining walls over eight feet (8') in height shall be stepped to form benches which shall be a minimum distance of one-half (½) the height of the lower retaining wall, and shall be landscaped. Benches shall be measured from the top back of the lower retaining wall to bottom face of the terraced retaining wall.

H. The color, texture and design of retaining walls that may be visible to the public must blend into the natural surrounding environment. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019; amd. Ord. 2020-06-002, 6-4-2020)