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The number of off-street parking spaces required for all nonresidential developments shall be as follows:

Automotive repair and supply

1 space for each 400 sf of gross floor area.

Bowling alleys and billiard halls

5 spaces for each alley, plus 2 spaces for each billiard table contained therein.

Business or professional offices

1 space for each 250 sf of gross floor area.

Call centers or telemarketing business

1 space per employee on the highest shift, or 1 space per 100 sf of gross floor area, whichever is greater; except that call centers occupying no more than 15 percent of a building’s total floor area (or 15 percent of an office park’s cumulative floor area), up to 3,000 sf maximum, shall provide at least 1 space per 250 sf of gross floor area.

Commercial uses in the C-4 zoning district from 300 West to 300 East, PD-MU and PD-C in the central business district

1 space for each 500 sf of floor area. Change of use for an existing building does not require additional parking.

Dance facilities

1 space for every 3.5 people of maximum capacity allowed in the facility.

Child care center

1 space for each staff member, plus 1 space for each 10 children for which said establishment is licensed.

Educational uses:


2.5 spaces per classroom/teaching station.

Intermediate (6th and 7th) and middle (8th and 9th)

4.5 spaces per classroom/teaching station.

High school (10th through 12th)

12 spaces per classroom/teaching station.

College, universities, trade schools, etc.

1 space for each faculty member, plus 1 space for each 3 students.

Schools having an arena or auditorium shall meet this requirement or the requirements of religious facilities, sports arenas, auditoriums, etc., of this section, whichever is greater.

Furniture stores, appliance stores and lumber yards

1 space for each 600 sf of floor area.

Golf courses

6 spaces per hole.

Golf driving ranges

1 space per tee.

Health studios, gym, and spas

1 space for each 250 sf of gross floor area or 10 spaces minimum, whichever is greater.


2 parking spaces for each bed, plus 1 space for each 250 sf of office and other areas.

Hotels, motels, motor hotels

1 space for each living or sleeping unit, plus 2 spaces for resident manager or owner.

Indoor shooting range

2 spaces per each shooting lane, plus 1 space per each 250 gross sf for sales, storage, training, or other uses.


1 space for each 300 sf of gross floor area.

Manufacturing plants, warehouses, storage buildings or structures especially for storage purposes

1 space for each 1,000 sf of gross floor area, and 1 space for each 250 sf of office or sales area.

Mortuaries and funeral homes

5 spaces, plus 1 space for each 35 sf of assembly room floor area.

Nursing homes, care centers and assisted living

1 parking space for each 3 beds, except where skilled care (long-term care) is provided, the requirement is 1 parking space for each 2 beds.

Outdoor sales lots for autos, mobile homes and RVs

1 space for each 7 vehicles or items of equipment to be displayed, plus 2 spaces for manager and employee parking.

Religious facilities, sports arenas, auditoriums, theaters, assembly halls, lodge halls or other meeting rooms

1 space for each 3.5 fixed seats of maximum seating capacity, or 1 space for each 35 sf of seating area within the main auditorium where there are no fixed seats. 18 linear inches of bench shall be considered a fixed seat.

Restaurants and other establishments where food or beverages are consumed on site

1 space for every 100 sf of dining room area, and 1 space for every 250 sf of kitchen or office area.

Retail stores and shops, commercial banks, savings and loan offices, and other financial institutions, general retail stores, food stores, supermarkets, drugstores and other similar commercial businesses

1 space for each 250 sf of gross floor area. For commercial centers containing 500 or more spaces, spaces in excess of 500 shall be calculated based on 1 space for each 500 sf of gross floor area for retail uses.

Service commercial businesses; businesses such as electrical, plumbing, cabinets, printing and other similar shops

1 space for each 250 sf of retail or office area, and 1 space for each 500 sf of additional building area.

Skating rinks, ice or roller

1 space for each 300 sf of gross floor area.

Swimming pools (commercial)

1 space for each 100 sf of water surface or 10 stalls, whichever is greater.

Tennis, handball and racquetball courts (commercial)

6 spaces minimum or 3 spaces per court, whichever is greater.

Veterinary hospitals

5 spaces for each doctor.


38 spaces per acre.

(Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019; amd. Ord. 2020-08-001 § 2 (Exh. A), 8-6-2020)