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A. Application: The requirements of this section shall apply to all new development or remodeling of existing development where landscaping is required by zoning ordinance in planned development commercial zones, commercial zones, planned development administrative and professional office zones, administrative and professional office zones, airport vicinity zones and overlay commercial zones.

B. Landscape Strip: A landscape strip, outside the public right-of-way along the front of the property on public streets, not less than six feet (6') wide and an average of at least fifteen feet (15') wide shall be landscaped. This requirement does not apply in C-4 zones or the PD-C and PD-MU zones which are located within the central business district except where the parking lot abuts the public street in which case the parking lot street frontage shall provide a landscape strip along the street frontage that is a minimum of six feet (6') wide and an average of at least fifteen feet (15') wide.

C. Interior Parking Lot Landscaping: If a site includes thirty (30) or more off-street parking spaces, at least five percent (5%) of the parking lot area shall contain interior parking lot landscaping, in addition to the fifteen-foot (15') wide landscape strip required in subsection B of this section. This requirement shall not apply to vehicle/equipment storage yards or display areas of vehicle sales.

D. Terminal Islands – Divider Medians: Interior parking lot landscape requirements may be met using terminal islands or divider medians with a minimum width of nine feet by sixteen feet (9' x 16'). One (1) parking credit shall be given for every terminal island or divider median which meets the above standard.

E. Shade Trees: Shade trees shall be provided within each island or median to meet the landscape requirements.

F. New Plantings: New plantings shall be incorporated into building entrances, drop-off and pick-up, and outdoor dining areas in order to separate these areas from on-site vehicular circulation and parking facilities and from off-site traffic, enhance pedestrian comfort, convenience and safety, and facilitate outdoor dining with maximum insulation from vehicular traffic impacts.

G. Landscaping on Rights-of-Way: All road rights-of-way not utilized for pavement, curb or sidewalk shall be planted and maintained as landscaped area, except that on Bluff Street, the landscaping requirement shall be satisfied as set forth below.

H. For Property along Bluff Street: In addition to the fifteen-foot (15') wide landscaping strip on the private lot area, all of the road right-of-way up to a twenty-foot (20') wide strip running parallel to the road shall be planted and maintained as a landscaped area. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019; amd. Ord. 2020-08-001 § 2 (Exh. A), 8-6-2020)