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A. When Required: The installation of curb, gutter, sidewalk, and pavement of a type approved by the city is required on any future or existing street where such improvements are not already in existence, or where existing improvements are damaged or broken. Said installation shall be required prior to obtaining a certificate of occupancy unless a current improvement completion assurance has been provided.

B. Driveway Improvements: Driveways are required to be paved with an approved surface. Properties located in the A-5, A-10, and A-20 zones are required to pave twenty feet (20') from the public right-of-way. Driveways that extend beyond the twenty feet (20') may substitute pavement for six-inch (6") depth of Type II road base, and three inches (3") of gravel, with a minimum size of one-inch (1") diameter. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019)