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A complete application for single-family occupancy must include a site plan, architectural plans and construction drawings of one-quarter (¼) scale, that show building materials, exterior elevations and floor plans of all proposed structures that meet the following criteria:

A. HUD Standards, Construction Codes: All development must comply with the construction codes and, as applicable, the national manufactured housing construction and safety standards and ICC guidelines for manufactured housing installations, that are capable of transferring design deadloads and live loads, and other design loads unique to local home sites, due to wind, seismic, soil and water conditions, that are imposed by or upon the structure into the underlying soil or bedrock without failure.

B. Perimeter footings at least twelve inches (12") below grade.

C. For all dwellings:

1. Space beneath the structure must be enclosed at the perimeter of the dwelling in accordance with ICC guidelines and constructed of weather-resistant materials aesthetically consistent with concrete or masonry type foundation materials.

2. A minimum landing of thirty-six inches by thirty-six inches (36" x 36") at each exit.

3. All manufactured home running gear, tongues, axles and wheels must be removed and stored off site or in a separately enclosed structure.

D. Prohibited Exterior Materials:

1. Plain concrete block, slump block, weeping mortar.

2. Colored or architectural concrete block.

3. Plywood siding.

4. Metal siding, sheet metal.

5. Untreated metal, or reflective roofing.

E. Width of Dwelling: The width of each dwelling shall not be less than twenty feet (20') at the narrowest point of its first floor, exclusive of any garage, bay window, or appendages.

F. Minimum Floor Area:

1. Each dwelling located on a lot of seven thousand (7,000) square feet or less in size shall have a minimum floor area, exclusive of garages and basement, of nine hundred (900) square feet.

2. Each dwelling located on a lot greater than seven thousand (7,000) square feet in size shall have a minimum floor area, exclusive of garage and basement, of one thousand (1,000) square feet.

G. Any addition to the main structure shall be constructed using the same design, finishes, materials, and colors.

H. Access: A dead-end street system may not serve more than thirty (30) single-family lots or dwellings, or more than one hundred (100) multifamily dwellings. A second access, compliant with all fire and building codes and all engineering standards as currently adopted by the city, shall be provided for additional lots or dwelling units. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019; amd. Ord. 2020-06-002, 6-4-2020)