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A. Enclosure of Merchandise and Materials: Unless otherwise specifically provided herein, all materials and merchandise shall be stored in an enclosed building.

1. Merchandise items specifically allowed to be stored out of doors shall be stored within an enclosure surrounded by a solid, sight-obscuring fence or wall of not less than six feet (6') in height, and no material or merchandise shall be stored to a height of more than the height of the enclosing fence or wall (chain link fencing with slats is not considered a solid fence for purposes of this section).

2. Authorized outdoor sales of playground equipment, outdoor furniture, plants, pots and similar items may not be displayed within the required landscape area, and not within on-site parking spaces required for the business.

B. Solid Waste Storage Facilities: All solid waste storage facilities shall be located at the rear of the main building or else behind a sight-obscuring fence or wall which will prevent the facility from being seen from a public street. Chain link fencing with sight-obscuring slats is not permitted.

C. Forestry Program: Commercial developments along designated major collector roads shall comply with all provisions of the city’s community forestry program. An approved species of tree with at least a one-and-one-half-inch (1½") caliper shall be planted every thirty feet (30') to forty feet (40') in accordance with tree planting criteria. Landscaping and required street trees shall be installed prior to receiving permanent power or release of the improvement completion assurance.

D. New Buildings or Exterior Remodels within I-15 Right-of-Way: New buildings or existing buildings proposing an exterior remodel located within two hundred feet (200') of the I-15 right-of-way shall comply with the following:

1. Design Standards:

a. Buildings backing against the I-15 right-of-way are considered to have two (2) building fronts for aesthetic purposes. Building walls visible from I-15 shall be constructed of identical or similar materials as the building’s front exterior, or shall be landscaped in such a manner that untreated cinder block, concrete or similar materials typical of rear walls are screened or enhanced to give a building-front appearance.

b. Along the I-15 right-of-way, landscaping shall be provided to beautify the side and rear walls of buildings. Trees shall be planted at least every thirty feet (30') to forty feet (40') along such rights-of-way. In addition to landscaping, aesthetic improvements to the buildings’ rear and sidewalls are encouraged. Signs painted or attached to the side or rear walls shall not cover more than ten percent (10%) of the face of such walls.

2. Site Plan and Elevation Drawings Required: Prior to the issuance of a building permit for new commercial buildings or proposed exterior remodels to existing buildings within two hundred feet (200') of the I-15 right-of-way, a site plan along with building elevation drawings showing the building view from I-15 (including signage), all consistent with this title, is required.

E. Protection of Residential Zones: Where any commercial zone adjoins any residential zone, as part of the required setbacks, there shall be provided and maintained along such property line a six-foot (6') solid masonry fence and a ten-foot (10') landscape buffer to protect the adjoining residential property. Landscape buffer shall consist of a minimum of one (1) tree every twenty linear feet (20'). Required trees shall be a minimum of one and one-half inch (1-1/2") diameter measured six inches (6") above the soil surface. In addition to the required trees, a minimum of five (5) plants or shrubs shall be planted per every one hundred linear feet (100'). Trees and shrubs may be arranged in either rows or clustered. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019; amd. Ord. 2020-06-002, 6-4-2020)