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A. Minimum Zone Requirements: Each planned development manufacturing zone application shall include a minimum of ten thousand (10,000) square feet.

B. Height Regulations: No structure shall be erected to a height less than ten feet (10') and no structure shall be greater than fifty feet (50'). The city council, after recommendation from the planning commission, may approve increased building height upon making a finding, as part of a zone change approval, that the increase in height will fit harmoniously into the neighborhood, minimizing any negative impacts, after considering the following:

1. Proposed setbacks provide an appropriate buffer to neighboring properties;

2. Increased landscaping enhances the project and reduces any negative impacts;

3. Site layout and design enhance the project and reduce any negative impacts;

4. The massing and building scale is appropriate for the location;

5. The proposed height increase is appropriate for the area; and

6. The increase in height is consistent with any applicable master plan.

C. Area, Coverage, Width, and Yard Requirements: The area, coverage, width, and yard requirements are as follows:

Lot Area Minimum

Maximum Lot Building Coverage

Minimum Yard Setbacks

Front/Street Side Yard



10,000 sf lot


Adjacent to residential zone: 30'

20' manufacturing

Manufacturing: parking

Adjacent to residential zone: 30'

10' external
0' internal setback between PD-M-zoned buildings

Adjacent to residential zone: 30'

0' manufacturing

D. Solid Waste Storage Facilities: All solid waste storage facilities shall be located at the rear of the main building or else behind a sight-obscuring fence or wall that will prevent the facility from being seen from a public street.

E. Protection of Residential Property: A minimum six-foot (6') high solid masonry wall and a minimum ten-foot (10') wide planting strip along the adjoining property line is required for PD-commercial development that adjoins any lot or parcel of ground in any residential zone. (Ord. 2019-10-002, 10-10-2019; amd. Ord. 2020-06-002, 6-4-2020)