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A. Except as provided in subsection B of this section, each employee of the city shall hold employment without limitation of time, being subject to discharge, suspension of over two (2) days without pay, or involuntary transfer to a position with less remuneration only as provided in section 2-2-2 of this chapter.

B. Subsection A of this section does not apply to the following:

1. An officer appointed by the mayor or the city manager;

2. The police chief;

3. Any deputy police chief;

4. The fire chief;

5. Any deputy or assistant fire chief;

6. Any department head;

7. A deputy or assistant department head;

8. A superintendent;

9. A probationary employee;

10. A part time employee; or

11. A seasonal or temporary employee of the municipality.

C. Nothing in this section may be construed to limit the city’s ability to define cause for an employee termination or reduction in force. (Ord. 2004-10-001, 10-21-2004)