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A. Grounds For Denial: An application for a special event permit may be denied by the city if:

1. The proposed special event violates a federal, state, or local law.

2. The proposed special event is not consistent with the intended nature and use of the requested city park or facility as set forth in section 3-10-9.

3. The proposed special event is scheduled at a place and time that could disrupt or interfere with an already approved special event or park/facility reservation.

4. The proposed location or building is not adequate to accommodate the proposed special event such as parking, sanitation facilities, and health or safety codes, or the nature of the proposed special event is such that the city, or the applicant does not have sufficient resources available to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of special event participants or the general public.

5. The permit application contains a material falsehood or misrepresentation.

6. The applicant has failed to pay a debt to the city including costs incurred during a prior special event.

7. Incomplete permit applications.

8. The applicant or any person on whose behalf the application for a permit was made has on prior occasions:

a. Damaged city property, if the applicant is for an event on city property; or

b. Made material misrepresentations regarding the nature or scope of an event or activity previously permitted; or

c. Has violated the terms of prior permits issued to or on behalf of the applicant;

d. Had violations of state or local laws at a prior event.

9. Unavailability of the site or facility identified for the event.

B. Notice: If a special event permit application is denied, the city shall notify the applicant in writing of the reason or reasons for the denial. (Ord. 2023-017, 8-31-2023)