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A. Submission: A completed application on city forms shall be submitted to the city at least forty-five (45) calendar days before the event is scheduled to take place, in order to allow sufficient time to process the application and to allow timely appeal to the city council in the event the application is denied. Applications for new events or reoccurring events with changes that submit the application less than forty-five (45) calendar days prior to the scheduled event shall not be accepted. Applications are not considered complete until all required information has been submitted to the city.

B. Advertising: No advertising of a special event shall be permitted until city approval of the special event is granted and a special event permit is issued.

C. Inspections: Authorized law enforcement officers, fire control officers, and other government personnel shall be permitted free access to the event to make inspections to ensure compliance with all city, state, and federal laws. All government personnel shall comply with the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution at all times during an inspection. (Ord. 2015-10-003, 10-1-2015)