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The applicant shall disclose to the license officer prior to the issuance of a license the exact location of the proposed exhibition, concert or performance, together with the number of admissions anticipated or available for sale. Permission shall then be given for inspection prior to the issuance of such business license to satisfy the license officer that the said location complies with all applicable laws and meets those standards of public health, safety and general welfare which are deemed necessary in light of the potential number of spectators and type of performance. Such inspection shall include, but not be limited to, seating, lighting, ventilation, exits, parking and proximity of residences that could be affected. If applicable, inspection required hereby may extend to and include bleachers, Ferris wheels and other temporary structures or equipment to be operated in connection with the exhibition, concert or performance. Further, if the business activity referred to herein extends over a period of more than one day, the rights of inspection conferred herein shall be made at reasonable intervals thereafter. The licensee shall provide at its own expense such private security as may be deemed necessary to properly enforce the provisions of this article or the ordinances of the city. The license officer may require information relative to the applicant’s moral character, reputation, felony or misdemeanor convictions involving moral turpitude, and prior business experience, in addition to any other information normally required from an applicant. (2003 Code) (2003 Code.)