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A. Excessive Rates: No provider shall charge rates in excess of those fixed and approved by the state of Utah.

B. Number Of Ambulances: Ambulance services providers shall maintain within the city at all times sufficient ambulances to achieve compliance with this article and the agreement.

C. Response To Calls: Ambulance services providers shall respond to all calls for emergency and medically necessary nonemergency ambulance service. Ambulance services providers shall not refuse to transport any patient that meets any of the requirements of Utah Code Annotated section 26-8a-305.

D. Ambulance Services Provider Operating Procedures: All applicable operating procedures and policies of an ambulance services provider shall comply with the national incident management system (NIMS).

E. Ambulance Services Provider Supervisory And Management Personnel: Ambulance services providers shall ensure that supervisory or management personnel are available at all times. Ambulance services providers shall designate a contact person who shall be authorized to make operational decisions, direct ambulance services provider personnel, and commit ambulance services provider resources for use. The contact person shall reside in Washington County and shall be the contact person for dispatch, the city fire department, and the city police department when needed in cases of emergencies or for deployment of resources as needed.

F. Ambulance Services Provider Medical Control: Ambulance services providers shall employ the services of a licensed physician with a specialization in emergency care. The licensed physician shall practice within and have privileges at a hospital emergency room located within the city and practice in the city. The licensed physician shall:

1. Ensure that the ambulance services provider is compliant with state regulations; and

2. Develop and evaluate protocols; and

3. Oversee training of ambulance services provider personnel.

G. Advertising Of Service: Providers shall not provide, market themselves as providing, or advertise the ability to provide a service that the provider is not licensed and authorized to provide in this article or under Utah state law. Advertising any telephone number other than 911 on any ambulance or provider vehicle is prohibited. Advertising or marketing in any way a telephone number other than 911 for emergency or transport services on any document or advertisement distributed or disseminated electronically or in print to the general public is prohibited. (Ord. 2014-11-003, 11-13-2014)