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On or before April 15 of each year, each ambulance services provider will prepare and submit to the city an annual report for the preceding year (January 1 through December 31). This report will be in a format acceptable to the city, and the report will indicate the extent of compliance with all performance provisions of this article and state standards. Additional achievements may also be required or submitted.

A. At a minimum the report must contain:

1. Call volume of responses by priority code and by time.

2. Response time compliance by month and by priority.

3. Volume of calls where service was requested and the ambulance services provider failed to respond.

4. Volume of mutual aid given and received by the ambulance services provider.

5. Listing of community service and public education events conducted by month, including multi-agency training, drills and exercises.

6. Any other information the city may need or request for use in preparing the annual report. (Ord. 2014-11-003, 11-13-2014)