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Any person engaging in the business of purchasing, bartering, exchanging or selling: a) secondhand metals other than precious metals; or b) glass, rags, rubber, paper or other articles commonly known as “junk”; or any person who gathers or collects such items for those purposes shall obtain a license on the conditions herein set forth. Anyone who maintains a lot for the purpose of storing used metal materials, wood material, cement material, plastic material, auto bodies or parts thereof, or refuse material of any kind for the purpose of reselling, bartering or exchanging all or any part thereof to the public, shall be considered to be a junk dealer for the purposes of this article. Receipt of glass, metal or plastic containers and receptacles, newspaper and similar waste paper products for the purpose of recycling the same shall not be considered as junk dealers requiring a license under this article. (Ord. 4-3-1998, 4-16-1998)