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Each licensee shall keep a register, to be known as “labor applicants’ register,” which shall show the name of each person seeking work or employment to whom information or assistance is furnished and the amount of the commission received in each case; the name of each person who, having received and paid for any information or assistance, fails to secure the employment regarding which such information or assistance is furnished, together with the reason why such employment was not secured, and the name of each person to whom return is made in accordance with the provisions of section 3-2M-8 of this article of any money or other consideration, together with the amount or the value of consideration returned. The registers required by section 3-2M-10 of this article and this section shall be open at all reasonable hours to the inspection of the business license officer or any peace officer of this state. (Ord. 2002-02-002, 2-7-2002) (Ord. 2002-02-002, 2002.)