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A. Schedule Of Rates: The driver of each for-hire vehicle shall display in a conspicuous place on the inside of the vehicle which he or she is operating where the same may be easily read by every person riding therein, a schedule of the rates or, if the rates are based on zones, the zone map determining the charges to be assessed.

B. Taximeter:

1. If the rates to be charged are to be computed by taximeters, it shall be the duty of every person owning or operating such for-hire vehicle to keep the taximeter in good and workable condition and at the beginning of every hire to set the taximeter in the usual way so that it will register and compute on a mileage basis while the vehicle is running and on a time basis while waiting, and the taximeter shall be placed so that the face where the fare is registered will be plainly visible to passengers within the vehicle.

2. No for-hire vehicle business license shall be issued to a for-hire vehicle service using a taximeter for computing the fare, until the taximeter attached thereto shall have been inspected by an independent company certifying it as accurate, and no person shall use or permit to be used upon any for-hire vehicle a taximeter which shall be in a condition to be over five percent (5%) incorrect to the prejudice of any passenger.

C. Filing Schedule Of Rates: It shall be the duty of every operator of a for-hire vehicle service to file with the business license officer a schedule of the rates to be charged in the operation of the for-hire vehicles and the method upon which the rates shall be computed.

D. Refusing To Pay Fare: It shall be unlawful for any person having hired any for-hire vehicle, and having ridden therein, to refuse to pay the fare, not exceeding the rates prescribed in the schedule or zone maps permitted under this article. It shall be unlawful for any for-hire vehicle driver to charge rates different from those so prescribed.

E. Demand Of Fare In Advance: A for-hire vehicle driver shall have the right to demand in advance the minimum fare of any person employing him, and may refuse to convey any person who shall not comply with such demand. (Ord. 2016-07-002, 7-7-2016) (Ord. 2016-07-002, 2016.)