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A. Management: Each motel must maintain an office on the motel premises in the charge and under the immediate supervision of a manager or attendant at all times. Such office shall remain continuously open and staffed whenever there are any guests registered or present at the motel and whenever the motel is open to receive guests.

B. Disclosure Of Available Rooms: Each motel shall disclose to the business license officer the current number of rooms available and/or held out for public accommodation:

1. At the time of initial licensure or license renewal; and

2. Within twenty-four (24) hours of any change in the number of such available rooms.

C. Display Of License; Register:

1. A current, valid business license shall be posted in a conspicuous place in each motel.

2. A register of the person to whom a motel unit is rented or leased shall be kept at all times. The register shall contain the following information about the person to whom a motel unit is rented or leased:

a. Name and permanent address;

b. Dates of arrival at the motel and departure; and

c. Valid driver’s license or other government issued identification containing a photograph and the name and the address of the person to whom a motel unit is rented or leased, noting the type of identification and the issuing agency.

D. Occupancy: It shall be unlawful for any motel unit to be occupied by a greater number of persons than that which it is designed or furnished to accommodate.

E. Responsibility For Minors: No motel unit shall be rented, leased, or registered to any person under the age of eighteen (18) years. Each person to whom a motel unit is rented, leased, or registered shall be responsible for any minors occupying such unit, and shall remain on the motel premises at all times while there are minors occupying such unit.

F. Length Of Stay; Exception: No person shall occupy any unit or combination of units at any one motel for longer than twenty nine (29) consecutive days, and no motel shall permit any person to occupy any unit or combination of units or allow persons to leave personal items or property in the unit or combination of units on the motel premises for longer than twenty nine (29) consecutive days. This subsection shall not apply to federal, state, or municipal law enforcement or emergency personnel, or to motels renting, leasing, or registering motel units to such personnel.

G. Sanitary Facilities:

1. Each motel unit held out for public accommodation must comply with the minimum rules established by the Utah Department of Health.

2. It shall be unlawful to rent, lease, or otherwise hold out for public accommodation any motel unit which does not have:

a. A complete operable bathroom, including flush toilet, sink and bath or shower in working order; and

b. For each guest, an adequate daily supply of at least the following sanitary supplies:

(1) Hot and cold running water,

(2) Soap,

(3) Towels,

(4) Toilet paper, and

(5) Clean linen.

3. Each motel unit held out for public accommodation shall be cleaned after the departure of each guest and before the arrival of any subsequent guest. Each occupied motel unit shall be cleaned on a daily basis, and shall be provided with at least the required sanitary supplies listed above on a daily basis.

H. Inspections: Each motel may be subject to fire, building, health, or other inspection conducted by municipal officials. Any such inspection shall:

1. Occur during reasonable business hours; and

2. Not be made on any occupied unit in the absence of the owner, manager or attendant on duty or without the written permission of the owner, manager or attendant on duty; and

3. Comply with Utah law and the fourth amendment of the United States constitution.

I. Duty To Report: Any owner, manager or attendant of any facility covered by this section shall report promptly to the proper authorities any violations of a municipal ordinance or any other violation of law which he or she has reason to believe was or is being committed on the premises. (Ord. 2016-01-007, 1-21-2016)