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A. Record Keeping: Whenever the licensee’s address, telephone or other communication terminus is made available for use by another on a fee basis in such a manner that the identity and permanent address of the customer is not disclosed or made readily available, the licensee shall maintain a record of the true name of the customer, a permanent street address of the customer, and the number of a driver’s license or other equivalent form of identification.

B. Records Open To Authorities: Whenever the police department has probable cause to believe that the licensee or its facilities are being utilized as part of an unlawful activity or in connection with an act that may violate a city ordinance, the police department shall be entitled to obtain from licensee the information kept by it pursuant to this section.

C. Disclosure Agreement: Any contract between licensee and a customer regarding such agency or service may agree to retain all information as confidential except for disclosure when required by law, including this article. (Ord. 2-3-1990, 2-15-1990) (Ord. 2-3-1990, 1990.)