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The following words and phrases used in this article shall have the following meaning unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:

ROTATION LIST: A list of tow trucks or tow truck services maintained by the city of St. George that have valid licenses, and who request in writing from the city of St. George the privilege of being called in sequence down the list to provide tow truck services to motorists when a motorist requests the city’s assistance in obtaining a tow truck or tow truck service.

TOW LOT: An area reserved for storage of vehicles that have been removed by a tow truck.

TOW TRUCK: A motor vehicle which has been altered or designed, equipped and used for the purpose of towing vehicles by means of a crane, hoist, tow bar, tow line, chain or dolly.

TOW TRUCK SERVICE: Transportation upon the public streets, public places and highways of the city of damaged, disabled or abandoned vehicles, together with personal effects and/or cargo, by towing only. Wrecker service, tow car service and garage tow truck service are synonymous and shall be termed “tow truck service”. (Ord. 2002-1-003, 1-3-2002)