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A business license shall be issued to tow trucks or tow truck services with a principal place of business within the corporate limits of the city upon proof being presented to the city by the applicant that each of the following requirements have been and will continue to be met by the applicant:

A. State Rules And Regulations: Complete compliance with the current Utah department of transportation rules and regulations for tow truck operators;

B. State Certificate: Issuance of a department of transportation certificate for each tow during the policy term of the license;

C. Liability Insurance: Competent evidence of valid towing property damage liability insurance, not less than twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000.00), issued with applicant named as insured, including the policy number and insurance company name for the business and the tow truck;

D. Signage: Permanent readable signs on the doors of the tow truck listing the name of the applicant, address and telephone number.

E. Bond Required: Competent evidence of a surety bond of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) from good and sufficient sureties to ensure continued compliance with these provisions;

F. Secure Area: Competent evidence that the tow truck service, or tow truck, tows and stores motor vehicles within a secured, fenced or enclosed yard or building for the storage of motor vehicles within the city limits, unless otherwise required by the state;

G. Competent Personnel: All tow trucks must be operated by competent personnel carrying a certification card issued by the Utah department of transportation and a proper and valid Utah driver’s license which allows for operation of a tow truck;

H. Conduct Of Business: Competent evidence that all business operations are conducted in a fair, equitable and lawful manner.

I. Fees: Competent evidence that suggested tow and storage fees are those established by the Utah towing association. (Ord. 2002-1-003, 1-3-2002) (Ord. 2002-1-003, 2002.)