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A. License Required: It is unlawful for any person to keep, conduct, operate or maintain a “short term residential rental property” as defined in section 10-2-1 of this code within the city without a business license for such dwelling unit. A person who owns multiple short term residential rental properties is not required to obtain more than one business license for the operation and maintenance of those short term residential rental properties.

B. License Not Transferable: A short term residential rental property business license is not transferable between persons or structures. Any person holding such license shall give written notice within thirty (30) days to the business license official after having transferred or otherwise disposed of legal or equitable control of any rental dwelling unit licensed under this article. Such notice of transferred interest shall be deemed a request to cancel an existing business license for such rental dwelling unit and shall include the name, address, and information regarding the person(s) succeeding to the ownership or control thereof.

C. Transient Room Tax: All short term residential rental properties shall be subject to the collection of the municipality transient room tax as allowed under Utah Code.

D. Maintenance And Repair; Owner’s Duties: The property shall be subject to the rental fit premises requirements specifying the property owner’s duties for maintenance of the dwelling unit and repair of specified failures as outlined in this code.

E. Garbage Removal: Garbage shall be removed from the property by the owner or property manager and properly disposed of within twenty-four (24) hours of tenants leaving the property.

F. Cleaning Service: Each property shall be cleaned at least weekly while occupied and in between tenant occupancy. Each property shall also comply with the sanitary facilities requirements outlined for motels in this code.

G. Local Property Manager Required: All short term residential rental properties shall designate a local property manager. The local property manager shall be available twenty-four (24) hours per day to respond to tenant and neighborhood questions or concerns. Each short term residential rental property shall have a clearly visible sign within the unit containing the following information: the name and phone number of the local property manager, and the maximum occupancy of the unit, and the day of garbage pick up.

H. Owner And Property Manager Responsible: The owner and property manager shall be jointly and severally liable for any violations of this article. Any rental dwelling unit which is found in violation of this article or any other requirement of this code may be subject to revocation of the short term residential rental properties business license. (Ord. 2010-07-001, 7-1-2010)