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A. It is unlawful for a person who owns, possesses, controls, or is in charge of property to keep, store, or allow any inoperable vehicles or vessels, or vehicle or vessel parts or similar materials, to be on the property.

B. Exception:

1. A maximum of one (1) inoperable vehicle may be parked or stored on a property in the front yard setback of a residential property outside a fully enclosed permanent residential dwelling or a permanent accessory structure if:

a. The inoperable vehicle is covered with a car cover with no tears or holes (no tarps allowed) whenever work is not being done upon it; and

b. The vehicle parts used in the restoration are stored in the motor vehicle or in a completely enclosed structure.

2. Any additional inoperable vehicles shall be stored in a completely enclosed structure, or in an area that is not visible from an area open to the public, such as a sidewalk, alley, or street, or from an adjoining property.

3. These restrictions do not apply to a licensed business which is related to inoperable vehicles, parts and storage thereof, located in a zone where the city allows the business to have outdoor storage of the materials described in this section. Such businesses include but are not limited to automobile repair shops, junk and salvage yards. This exception does not apply to home occupations. (Ord. 2020-02-006 § 2 (Att.), 2-6-2020)