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A. It is unlawful for any person to keep, conduct, operate or maintain a rental dwelling unit within the city without a business license for such dwelling. A person who owns multiple rental dwelling units or multiple buildings containing rental dwelling units is not required to obtain more than one business license for the operation and maintenance of those rental dwelling units.

B. A rental dwelling unit business license is not transferable between persons or structures. Any person holding such license shall give written notice within thirty (30) days to the business license official after having transferred or otherwise disposed of legal or equitable control of any rental dwelling unit licensed under this chapter. Such notice of transferred interest shall be deemed a request to cancel an existing business license for such rental dwelling unit and shall include the name, address, and information regarding the person(s) succeeding to the ownership or control thereof. The new owner shall obtain a business license as required by this chapter.

C. A business license shall not be required for a dwelling unit which is ordinarily owner occupied but is temporarily rented because:

1. The owner is placed in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility or other similar facility, or

2. The owner has a bona fide, temporary absence of three (3) years or less for activities such as temporary job assignments, sabbaticals, or voluntary service. Indefinite periods of absence from the dwelling shall not qualify for this exception. (Ord. 2006-09-005, 9-21-2006)