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A. All graves shall be identified by a headstone placed at the head of the grave. A burial lot containing multiple graves must have a headstone for each grave, which may be a joint combined marker or monument, if otherwise allowed, or small individual markers. No more than one (1) headstone shall be permitted for each grave, except where a traditional military marker is appropriate in addition to another monument. Monuments shall be allowed only in designated areas; all other areas of a cemetery are limited to markers.

B. All headstones must comply with the cemetery standards.

C. In the event a headstone is not placed on the grave within ninety (90) days after interment, the sexton may, but is not required to, install a headstone in a form and size selected by the sexton at the sexton’s sole discretion. (Ord. 2013-03-005, 3-7-2013; amd. Ord. 2021-08-001, 8-5-2021)