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A. Semipermanent Memorials: No person shall have the right to place or plant semipermanent memorials, including but not limited to trees, shrubs, and flowers, on a burial lot without the approval of the sexton. In considering whether to approve semipermanent memorials, the sexton may consider plant maintenance requirements, landscape value and hardiness, interference with other burial lots, plants and mowing operations, and consistency with landscape design.

B. Temporary Memorials: Temporary memorials, including but not limited to potted plants, flags, floral wreaths and flowers in vases, will be removed without notice by cemetery employees when they become withered, discolored, torn, broken or vandalized. Funeral flowers will be allowed to remain for three (3) business days, after which cemetery employees may remove them based on the above criteria. Other temporary memorial items such as glass containers, wires, sticks, iron rods, pegs, ceramic pots or other containers that may pose safety hazards will be removed by cemetery employees.

C. Tonaquint Cemetery: At the Tonaquint Cemetery, all temporary memorials must be placed in a raised adjustable receptacle that is either in the monument or in the concrete border that surrounds the monument. The adjustable receptacles must be of a type approved by the sexton. (Ord. 2000-02-002, 2-3-2000; amd. Ord. 2021-08-001, 8-5-2021. Formerly 7-5-15)