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A. Citations: The airport manager is authorized to issue citations for violations of this chapter, including the rules and regulations contained in section 7-6-6 of this chapter, and/or promulgated pursuant to section 7-6-12 of this chapter. The city may take enforcement action as set forth herein or it may initiate legal action as it may deem appropriate.

B. Appeal: Any person who feels aggrieved by staff enforcement of this chapter, rules and regulations promulgated hereunder, or the minimum standards for commercial operations promulgated hereunder, may appeal to the city council in writing, setting forth the specific grievance in detail. An appeal shall be heard at the next meeting of the city council occurring more than ten (10) days after filing with the city recorder. The decision of the city council shall be final. The sole exception to the appeal process herein provided shall apply to criminal citations under state or city traffic law and emergency or safety issues. (Ord. 2006-05-005, 5-25-2006)