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Any permission granted by the city, directly or indirectly, expressed or by implication, to enter upon or use the airport or any part thereof, including, but not limited to, operators, crew members and passengers, spectators, sightseers, pleasure and commercial vehicles, officers and employees of airlines, lessees and other persons occupying space at the airport, persons doing business with the airport, its lessees, sublessees and permittees, and all other persons whatsoever whether or not of the type indicated, is conditioned upon compliance with this chapter and any rules, regulations or procedures promulgated hereunder; entry upon or into the airport by any person shall be deemed to constitute an agreement by such person to comply with this chapter and such rules, regulations and procedures. The city reserves the right to deny any or all usage of the airport to any person or persons for any cause. (Ord. 2020-02-007 § 2 (Att.), 2-6-2020)