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A. Authority: Any nonresidential customer who disagrees with the storm drainage fee charge for his or her parcels may apply to the director for a service charge adjustment. The adjustment request must state the grounds for adjustment and must be filed in writing with the director. The director shall review the request and basis for service charges to determine whether an adjustment shall be made in the calculation or application of the fee. The director may approve an adjustment; however, in all cases, the director’s decision shall be final, unless appealed as provided by city ordinance.

B. Credit: If an appeal of charges is successful, credit will be applied to all charges from the time of the appealed billing, and will be reflected on the next billing thirty (30) days after appeal is granted.

C. Judicial Review Nonexistent: Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to grant a right to judicial review, which does not otherwise exist in law. (Ord. 2001-03-003, 3-15-2001)