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A. Required: No vacant land shall be occupied or used and no building or structure hereafter erected, altered or moved shall be occupied until a certificate of occupancy shall have been issued by the chief building official or an inspector from his office. Any building under construction at the time the ordinance codified herein is passed which has not had final inspection shall be considered to be within the purview of this section. The certificate of occupancy shall show that the building or premises or part thereof and the proposed use thereof are in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and any other codes adopted pursuant hereto.

B. Transfer Of Water And Electric Service To User: When water or electric service furnished to a building or structure is taken out of the name of a contractor or builder or application is made in the name of the user who will occupy the building or structure, water or electric service shall not be supplied to such permanent user unless the certificate of occupancy required by this section has been issued.

C. Inspection; Issuance: The certificate of occupancy provided for herein shall be issued only after final inspection by the office of the chief building official and determination that the extent and kind of use to be made of the building or premises conforms to the provisions of this chapter and any codes adopted hereunder, unless, in the discretion of the chief building official, it is determined that a conditional certificate of occupancy for all or any portion of a building is appropriate under rules and regulations adopted from time to time by the city. However, issuance of a certificate of occupancy shall not be construed as an approval of any noncompliance subsequently found to exist, and nothing herein gives authority to the chief building official to waive or cancel any of the building code requirements otherwise in force.

D. Violation; Penalty: It shall be unlawful for a contractor or builder of a dwelling unit to occupy or to turn over or deliver the unit to anyone for the purpose of occupancy until the certificate of occupancy has been issued. Violation shall be a class B misdemeanor and, upon conviction, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (Ord. 6-2-1993, 6-17-1993; amd. 2003 Code)