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A. It is determined to be in the best interest of the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city to regulate advertising in order to eliminate potential hazards to motorists and pedestrians; encourage signs which, by their good design, are integrated with and harmonious to the buildings and sites which they occupy; encourage sign legibility through the elimination of excessive and confusing sign displays, thus reducing driver inattention; preserve and improve the appearance of the city as a place in which to live and to work and create an attraction to nonresidents to come to visit or trade; allow each individual business to clearly identify itself and the goods and services which they offer; safeguard and enhance property values; protect public and private investment in buildings and open space; and supplement other regulations of the city.

B. In interpreting and applying the provisions of this chapter, the sign requirements contained herein are declared to be the maximum allowable for the purpose set forth. Where this chapter imposes a greater restriction upon signs and the location thereof, or requires or imposes conditions other than those required or imposed by laws, ordinances or restrictions, the provisions of this chapter shall control. (Ord. 2015-09-001, 9-3-2015)