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A. Signs Attached To Public Property: No sign, handbill, poster, advertisement or notice of any kind or sort shall be fastened, placed, posted, painted or attached in any way or upon any curbstone, lamppost, telephone pole, telegraph pole, electric light or power pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, rock, sidewalk or street, except signs owned and erected by permission of an authorized public agency as required by law.

B. A-Frame And Movable Freestanding Signs: Portable, temporary A-frame, and movable freestanding signs shall be prohibited. This prohibition applies to signs mounted upon or painted upon vehicles or trailers which are parked primarily for the purpose of calling attention to or advertising a specific business establishment or product.

C. Flashing Signs: Signs which use flashing, blinking, or strobing lights are prohibited. Signs which use subtle lighting changes as part of a video screen, or EMS are permitted.

D. Rotating Signs: Signs which move, rotate, flutter in the wind or make noise are prohibited. Pennants, streamers, and inflatable objects are also prohibited. Temporary banners must be in compliance with the city’s policy on banners.

E. Permit Exceptions: Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this chapter, the following signs and operations shall not require a sign permit; however, any of the following signs included in any other section shall conform to the applicable provisions of this chapter:

1. The changing of the advertising copy or message on a marquee, provided no more than fifteen percent (15%) of the marquee surface will advertise off premises land, products or businesses.

2. Painting, repainting, cleaning and normal maintenance and repair of a sign or sign structure unless a substantial structural change is made.

3. For sale, rent or lease signs, advertising real property, that are thirty-two (32) square feet or less in area. Such sign may be double faced.

4. The display of official notices used by any court, or public body, or public official, or the posting of notices by any public officer, in the performance of a duty, or by any person giving legal notice.

5. Directional, warning, exit, parking or similar informational signs of a public or quasi-public nature, provided they have no advertising effect, and signs directed and maintained by an official body or public utility.

6. Any official flag, pennant or insignia of any nation, state, city or other political unit.

7. Nameplates of two (2) square foot maximum area.

8. Bulletin boards not over sixty-four (64) square feet in area for public, charitable or religious institutions where the same are located on the premises of said institutions.

9. Memorial signs or tablets, names of buildings and date of erection, when cut into any masonry surface or when constructed of bronze or other incombustible material.

10. Wall signs that are painted directly on the wall, provided they do not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the face of the wall on which it is painted. (Ord. 2015-09-001, 9-3-2015)