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For the purposes of this chapter, the words set out in this section shall have the following meanings:

CAPITAL FACILITIES PLAN1: The capital facilities plan adopted by the St. George city council and as amended by the city council from time to time.

CITY: St. George City, a Utah municipal corporation.

DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY: Any construction or expansion of a building, structure or use, any change in use of a building or structure, or any change in the use of land that creates additional demand and need for public facilities and public improvements.

DEVELOPMENT APPROVAL: Any written authorization from the city that authorizes the commencement of development activity.

IMPACT FEE2: A payment of money imposed upon development activity as a condition of development approval.


A. Site improvements and facilities that are:

1. Planned and designed to provide service for development resulting from a development activity; and

2. Necessary for the use and convenience of the occupants or users of development resulting from a development activity.

B. “Project improvements” does not mean system improvements.

PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS: Those improvements installed which are intended to extend, expand or improve the water, power, storm drainage, sewer, roads and/or parks systems and facilities.


A. Means:

1. Existing public facilities that are designed to provide services to service areas within the community at large; and

2. Future public facilities identified in and included as part of the capital facilities plan that are intended to provide services to service areas within the community at large.

B. “System improvements” does not mean project improvements. (Ord. 10-1-1998, 10-1-1998)

1See also section 9-3A-1 of this title for plan adoption.

2See also chapter 3 of this title for impact fees.