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Notwithstanding anything contained in this chapter to the contrary, reimbursements will not be made by the city for exactions required by the city or for public improvements provided voluntarily by the developer or provided in exchange for other negotiated considerations granted to the developer or the development by the city. Unless otherwise specified in the reimbursement agreement, the city’s obligation to make reimbursements shall terminate upon the expiration of ten (10) years from the date of the reimbursement agreement or the date the improvements would have been installed under the capital facilities plan in place on the date of the reimbursement agreement, whichever is sooner. The city shall in all cases be immune and not liable for any payments to developer if the reimbursement agreement is determined to be unenforceable. The reimbursement agreement shall not confer benefit upon any third party, by assignment or otherwise, and shall be in a form approved by the city council. Responsibility to pay for all public improvements to service or benefit the subdivision or development activity proposed by the developer shall rest entirely with the developer. (Ord. 10-1-1998, 10-1-1998)