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The capital facilities plan of the city is hereby adopted as shown in the city parks master plan dated 1994, the impact fee study for the city dated August 31, 1994, by David M. Griffith & Associates, LTD, facility plan for phase II expansion of the St. George regional water reclamation facility dated February 1997, by Montgomery Watson, the city traffic and transportation and master study dated July 1995, by Parson Brinckerhoff, evaluation of a traffic congestion mitigation fee dated March 24, 1997, by Meyer, Mohaddes Associates, Inc., the city general plan dated June 1995, the city master road plan, estimated costs for proposed major storm drainage facilities and drainage study dated 1997, the transmission planning study for Washington County 138kV and 69kV systems, volume I study results dated August 1993, by UAMPS, the St. George work plan 1992 through 1997 dated August 24, 1993, by Intermountain Consumer Professional Engineers, Inc., the culinary water resources study dated June 1993, by Horrocks Caroilo Engineers, the transportation improvement plan, June 1997, wastewater system capital improvement program, June 1997, and the wastewater rate studies dated December 1996, by Black & Veatch. (Ord. 6-4-1997, 6-19-1997)