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A. On all interior lot lines, aNo fence, not toshall exceed six feet four inches (6'4") in height, may be erected along all sidethe rear and rear propertyside lot lines, but not in the front setback area.

B. In anyall zones requiring a front setback area, no rockery wall, retaining wall, or fence shall exceed fourobstruction to view in excess of three feet (43') in height. Further, within the front ten feet (10') behindshall be placed within the sidewalk, or property line where no sidewalk exists, only decorative fences such as picket fences or wrought iron fences with“sight distance triangle,” defined as a triangular area formed by the street property lines and a line connecting them at least fifty percentpoints thirty feet (50%30') offrom the fence open (up to 50 percent may be solidintersection of the property lines. On double frontage lots, or nonsee through)the sight distance triangle shall be allowed with a maximum height of four feet (4')required and maintained on the street that the property accesses and the street it intersects.

C. WhereA a fenceretaining wall no more than three feet (3') in height may be is located along an interior property line separating twoerected, if set back a minimum of five feet (25') properties, measured from the maximum heightback of sidewalk, or back of thecurb where no sidewalk exists. A combination fence and retaining wall shall not exceed sixeight feet (68') above grade, at any single point, measured from finish grade on the shortest side of the fencein height. No fence shall be greater than six feet four inches (6'4") in height.

D. FencesA mayretaining wall no more than five notfeet (5') in height may be bermed for the purposeerected, if set back a minimum of increasingten feet (10'), measured from the allowableback of sidewalk, or back of curb where no sidewalk exists. No fence shall be greater than six feet four inches (6'4") in height. No combination of retaining wall and fence shall be greater than ten feet (10') in height. (Ord. 20072019-10-002, 10-10-2019; amd. Ord. 2020-06-003002, 6-74-20072020)