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A. Right To Meter Premises: All consumers served or to be served with water or electric power shall give to the water services and energy services departments the right to maintain a meter or meters on the premises of the consumer, and it shall thereafter be the responsibility of the consumer and/or property owner to maintain adequate clearance around the meter to facilitate reading, maintenance, inspection or other required operations in connection therewith.

B. Meter Access: The consumer shall be required to provide access to the meter over his property without requiring employees to gain access to the meter through adjoining property of another. The consumer shall be responsible to provide a route of access to the meter free from litter and the threat of any vicious animal, overgrowth or other hindrance which may be detrimental to the safety of the employee or obstructive to his ease of access.

C. Penalty: It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain a condition contrary to the provisions of this section after due notice and time for compliance has been given. A continued noncompliance after receipt of notice shall constitute an infraction and, upon conviction, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1. Each day that the violation continues shall constitute a separate offense hereunder.

D. Right To Terminate: It shall be the further right of the water services and energy services departments to disconnect the electric power or water serving the premises of a consumer who is in violation of the provisions of this section after the giving of notice as provided in subsection C of this section. Such disconnection shall be made in accordance with the provisions of subsection 8-3-4C2 of this chapter.

E. Tampering: It shall be unlawful for any person to tamper, alter, remove, turn on or otherwise disturb in any way an electric or water meter maintained by the city on public or private premises. (Ord. 5-2-1985; amd. 2003 Code)

F. Water Pressure Regulation: Although the city regulates water pressure in an effort to keep it uniformly under eighty (80) pounds per square inch, each residence using water in an area of the city where the maximum pressure without regulation by the city can exceed eighty (80) pounds per square inch shall have an approved pressure regulator on their incoming water line in tandem with an adequate strainer. The water services and energy services departments shall advise any property owner of the maximum water pressure in any local area upon request. In the event of failure of a city pressure regulator, the city shall have no liability for resultant damage to the property of a particular water user, and the failure of the user to install a pressure regulator when required by this subsection shall provide the city with a defense to any claim for damages arising out of the failure or malfunction of a city water pressure regulator. A water user required to install a pressure regulator hereunder shall have six (6) months after the effective date hereof within which to effect such installation. (Ord. 5-2-1985; amd. Ord. 5-4-1993, 5-20-1993; 2003 Code)