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The licensing officer shall provide a standard application form for use for the registration of solicitors. Upon request to the licensing officer, or as otherwise provided, any person or entity may obtain in person, by mail, or facsimile, a copy of this application form. Each application form shall require disclosure and reporting by the applicant of the following information, documentation, and fee:

A. Review Of Written Disclosures: An affirmation that the applicant has received and reviewed the disclosure information required by this article.

B. Contact Information:

1. Applicant’s true, correct and legal name, including any former names or aliases used during the last ten (10) years;

2. Applicant’s telephone number, home address and mailing address, if different;

3. If different from the applicant, the name, address, and telephone number of the responsible person or entity; and

4. The address by which all notices to the applicant required under this article are to be sent.

C. Proof Of Identity: An in-person verification by the licensing officer of the applicant’s true identity by use of any of the following which bear a photograph of said applicant:

1. A valid driver’s license issued by any state;

2. A valid passport issued by the United States;

3. A valid identification card issued by any state;

4. A valid identification issued by a branch of the United States military.

Upon verification of identity, the original identification submitted to establish proof of identity shall be returned to the applicant.

D. Proof Of Registration With Department of Commerce: The applicant shall provide proof that either the applicant, or the responsible person or entity, has registered with the Utah State Department of Commerce.

E. Special Events Sales Tax Number: The applicant shall provide a special events sales tax number for either the applicant, or for the responsible person or entity for which the applicant will be soliciting.

F. Marketing Information:

1. The goods or services offered by the applicant, including any commonly known, registered or trademarked names;

2. Whether the applicant holds any other licenses, permits, registrations, or other qualifications required by federal or state law to promote, provide, or render advice regarding the offered goods or services.

G. BCI Background Check: The applicant shall provide:

1. An original or a copy of a BCI background check as defined in section 3-2B-2 of this article; and

2. A signed copy of a waiver whereby applicant agrees to allow the city to obtain a name/date of birth BCI background check on applicant for purposes of enforcement of this article1.

H. Responses To Questions Regarding “Disqualifying Status”: The applicant shall be required to affirm or deny each of the following statements on the application form:

1. Has the applicant been criminally convicted of: a) felony homicide, b) physically abusing, sexually abusing, or exploiting a minor, c) the sale or distribution of controlled substances, or d) sexual assault of any kind;

2. Are any criminal charges currently pending against the applicant for: a) felony homicide, b) physically abusing, sexually abusing, or exploiting a minor, c) the sale or distribution of controlled substances, or d) sexual assault of any kind;

3. Has the applicant been criminally convicted of a felony within the last ten (10) years;

4. Has the applicant been incarcerated in a federal or state prison within the past five (5) years;

5. Has the applicant been criminally convicted of a misdemeanor within the past five (5) years involving a crime of: a) moral turpitude, or b) violent or aggravated conduct involving persons or property;

6. Has a final civil judgment been entered against the applicant within the last five (5) years indicating that: a) the applicant had either engaged in fraud, or intentional misrepresentation, or b) that a debt of the applicant was nondischargeable in bankruptcy pursuant to 11 USC section 523(a)(2), (a)(4), (a)(6), or (a)(19);

7. Is the applicant currently on parole or probation to any court, penal institution, or governmental entity, including being under house arrest or subject to a tracking device;

8. Does the applicant have an outstanding arrest warrant from any jurisdiction; or

9. Is the applicant currently subject to a protective order based on physical or sexual abuse issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

I. Fee: The applicant shall pay such fees as determined applicable by the city, which shall not exceed the reasonable cost of processing the application and issuing the certificate and identification badge.

J. Execution Of Application: The applicant shall execute the application form, stating upon oath or affirmation, under penalty of perjury, that based on the present knowledge and belief of the applicant, the information provided is complete, truthful and accurate. (Ord. 2006-09-003, 9-7-2006) (Ord. 2006-09-003, 2006.)

1UCA § 53-10-108(1)(b).