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A business license for hire vehicle services shall not be issued to any person or entity until a standard and uniform color scheme for the applicant’s for hire vehicles has been approved by the city, which designated color scheme shall not conflict with or imitate any color scheme, monogram, name or insignia used by another for hire vehicle in such manner as to be misleading or to tend to deceive or defraud the public. Every for hire vehicle shall have painted upon each of the rear doors, the name of the owner, or the licensed business name under which the owner operates. All lettering mentioned in this section shall not be less than two and one-fourth inches (2 1/4") in height and five-sixteenths inch (5/16") stroke. This section shall not apply to limousines, except the limousine driver shall provide and display a city approved vehicle trade dress, consisting of recognizable company emblems, which will allow the city to identify the company vehicle at a distance of up to fifty feet (50') at all times when such vehicle is stopped or parked but in service for business. Such trade dress, which may be removable, shall be a visual indicator that indicates the vehicle is affiliated with a specific company and that the company is authorized to operate. (Ord. 2016-07-002, 7-7-2016) (Ord. 2016-07-002, 2016.)