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A. Except as provided in this section and Utah Code Annotated section 57-22-4, a property owner may not terminate a rental agreement or bring or threaten to bring an eviction action because the tenant has in good faith:

1. Complained of code violations at the premises to a government agency, elected representative, or public official charged with responsibility for enforcement of a building, housing, health, or similar code;

2. Complained of a building, housing, health, or similar code violation or an illegal property owner practice to a community organization or the news media;

3. Sought the assistance of a community organization or the news media to remedy code violation or illegal property owner practice;

4. Requested that the property owner make repairs to the premises as required by this chapter, a building or health code, other regulation, or the residential rental agreement;

5. Become a member of a tenant’s union or similar organization;

6. Testified in any court or administrative proceeding concerning the condition of the premises; or

7. Exercised any right or remedy provided by law.

B. If the property owner violates any provision of this section, the tenant may recover the greater of one month’s rent or actual damages, and reasonable attorney fees incurred. (Ord. 2005-12-002, 12-1-2005)