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A. Duties And Responsibilities: There is hereby created the position of a city forester with the following duties and responsibilities:

1. The city forester shall be in charge of the community forestry program of the city. He shall have the responsibility for implementation of forestry operations and work priorities in the carrying out of such operations. He shall be directly responsible to the superintendent of parks within the leisure services department. All departments of the city shall confirm through the city forester that there has been compliance with the community forestry program whenever such department takes or authorizes any type of action which may involve a forestry operation, as defined in this chapter. A copy of the current community forestry program of the city shall be available to the public at the office of the city recorder.

2. The city forester shall promulgate rules, regulations and specifications governing the planting, maintenance, fertilization, spraying, pruning and bracing of trees on city property to ensure proper planting, care and maintenance of said trees, together with the process to be followed before a tree may be removed. Such rules, regulations and specifications shall first be reviewed and endorsed by the shade tree and beautification board, then submitted to the city council with recommendation for adoption as the arboricultural regulations of the city. These arboricultural regulations may be modified, amended or extended from time to time upon recommendation of the shade tree and beautification board and approval of the city council. The city forester shall supervise the execution and enforcement of said rules, regulations and specifications as they pertain to street trees and park trees located on public property.

3. The city forester or his designee shall authorize and inspect all work required in accordance with the provisions hereof. Work authorized and decisions made hereunder by the city forester shall be submitted to and reviewed by the shade tree and beautification board whenever a request is made for such review by either a member of the shade tree and beautification board or by the occupant or owner of the property affected by such work or decision.

B. Authority: The city forester shall have the authority and jurisdiction to regulate the planting, maintenance and removal of street and park trees and shrubs to ensure public safety; to alleviate interference by trees and shrubs with the provision of essential services; and to preserve the aesthetics of public places. Abutting property owners shall be contacted at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the commencement of any work by the forester. Such contact shall be effected either by personal contact with the property owner or delivery of a notice to the residence in the manner provided by the rules and regulations prepared pursuant to subsection A2 of this section. This contact shall be achieved by the placement of a notice at the residence. If the property owner is advised by written notice instead of personal contact, the notice shall contain the nature of work intended by the forester and the time it will be carried out. (Ord. 2017-06-011, 6-15-2017)